The voters have spoken. So have the courts, the state legislatures, the Electoral College, and the legislative branch of the federal government. Still, a majority of Republicans – 67% – say the 2020 election was invalid, according to a new poll from R Street and Tyson Group.

The poll also found that 92% of Republicans “believe alternative voting methods like vote-by-mail and drop boxes opened the process to increased error, mismanagement or fraud that could have changed the outcome of the presidential election.

A Tyson Group analysis connects the widespread GOP denialism with former President Trump’s months long disinformation campaign about his loss to the Biden-Harris ticket.

“President Trump’s rhetoric seems to have had a profound impact on his base’s outlook on the election. Across all regions, our participants by and large opposed alternative voting methods, believed that those methods opened the election process to fraud, and felt that the 2020 election result was invalid. But despite parroting those claims, these same voters were satisfied with how they cast their own ballot. It’s a fascinating look into how impressionable the average voter is: Republicans across the country have been convinced that election fraud happened somewhere, just not in their state.”

The poll also asked GOP respondents to indicate how much they trust certain public officials when it comes to reforming the election process. Donald Trump earned the highest satisfaction percentage (76%.) Mitch McConnell came in at 4%, behind figures like Sean Hannity (54%) and Nikki Haley (45%).