Need evidence that protests work, that standing up for what you believe in yields results? Look no further than what has happened in Puerto Rico over the last 16 days. Under great pressure, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló said he wouldn’t step down. But the protests continued. And overnight Rosselló announced he would resign on August 2nd. He posted a video message on Facebook saying, “The demands have been overwhelming.” The Hill writes:

The move comes after thousands took to the streets of San Juan, the U.S. territory’s capital city, over several days of protests and demonstrations calling for Rosselló, 40, to step down amid hundreds of pages of released text messages between him and his top aides that contained homophobic and misogynistic slurs. 

The leaked messages also contained as jokes about the victims of Hurricane Maria, which in 2017 devastated the island and its nearly 3.2 million residents. 

Protesters changed their mood from anger to jubilation after Rosselló’s announcement.

Time magazine adds the transition to a new leader is also expected to be rocky.

 Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez is set to take over due to the absence of a Secretary of State. Former Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marín resigned on July 13. Rosselló’s announcement comes one day after his chief of staff, Ricardo Llerandi, announced his resignation.