Supreme Court watchers and prominent attorneys have come forward to say the latest lawsuit to overturn Joe Biden’s win is a joke, and stands zero chance of being heard by the justices.

The suit, brought by the Texas attorney general seeks to tell other states how to run their elections and would invalidate millions of votes cast in swing states.

Ben Ginsburg, the GOP super-lawyer who successfully argued George W. Bush’s case before the Supreme Court in 2000 says the suit will fail and the Republican Party is “corroded.”

“I think there’s no basis for it. I don’t think the Supreme Court, for an instant, will consider taking up this case. What it shows you, I think… is that how far the Republican party has sort of corroded in basic beliefs under Donald Trump in this area. It used to be that the party was for state’s rights. I can’t imagine something that is least faithful to a principle of state’s rights than a Texas attorney general trying to tell other states how to run their elections.” — Attorney Ben Ginsburg

Here’s a good thread on the case and why it should cause little concern: