Who would have ever thought the right to vote would become such a partisan issue. Lately though, the Republicans have passed a series of voter suppression bills in states across the country with more on the way. Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison discussed this on MSNBC today. This quote from him breaks it all down and should resonate with anyone who supports free elections.

“This is not a ‘both sides’ thing. Either you’re for all Americans voting, or you’re against it.”

Harrison went on to say, “The other day my grandma told me she was watching and she grew up in Jim Crow south here in South Carolina where she couldn’t always vote. My grandfather couldn’t always vote. She was watching news and talking about the bill in Texas. She said to me, Jaime, are they going to try to go back to the way it used to be? That is heartbreaking… I can’t bring up my two sons in a country that is going to go back to we were at one time before. You would think that democrats and republicans and independents would all stand up and say we are not going back! So I want Joe Manchin, I want Krysten Sinema and democrats and republicans to understand the pain that this is bringing back up to a generation that have to go through this stuff before. That is not who we are as a nation. we need to move forward and not move back.”