Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert stepped in it once again during a meandering speech on the House floor Thursday.

Gohmert, a favorite target for critics on social media, put the bullseye squarely on his back when he began talking about SAT scores. At one point, he seemed to be saying that people did better on SAT scores before then-President Jimmy Carter formed the U.S. Department of Education in 1979, which statistics don’t necessarily support.

Gohmert then mentions that he got a good score on the SATs, news that the congressman himself said would likely surprise those people who think he’s far from the brightest bulb in Washington.

“When I took it…did very well, got me into the honors program at A&M. And I’m sure that shocks people who think I’m the dumbest guy in Congress…”

Here’s the remarkable self-own.

To the surprise of absolutely no one who follows Political Twitter, Gohmert’s words quickly hit the trending charts.

Many of his frequent critics, including Daily Beast contributor Molly Jong-Fast, couldn’t resist piling on.

It also took no time at all for people to start demanding to see Gohmert’s SAT scores.

That verbal blunder may not even have been the most ridiculous thing Rep. Gohmert said today. He also spent time doing a show-and-tell presentation that appeared to be an attempt to show that not all of the people who stormed the Capitol on January 6 were bad people.

At another juncture, Gohmert claimed one of the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement was to do away with western-style families.