Senator Tammy Duckworth is suddenly getting a lot of attention to be Joe Biden’s VP. She is a decorated veteran who was gravely wounded in Iraq after her helicopter was shot down. The Illinois Democrat is a staunch advocate for veterans and her disdain for the Donald Trump is legendary. She has called the president everything from a coward to “cadet bone spurs.”

Duckworth was on the Senate floor on Monday denouncing Trump for failing to show any feelings for the killing of American soldiers in the Russia bounty scheme.

“He’s had time to call Joe Biden names, however not once in the past 72 hours has he found time to express outrage that American service members are dead.” – Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Il)

Duckworth is being seriously vetted by the Biden campaign. She is the first senator to give birth while in office and the first to bring her newborn to the senate floor. Her mother is Thai of Chinese descent and her father is a Vietnam veteran. She tells The New York Times:

“I can push back against Trump in a way others can’t,” Ms. Duckworth said in a telephone interview from her car last week as she waited to attend a Juneteenth demonstration in Grant Park in Chicago.

“I can say, ‘Listen, that American flag is the same flag that would drape my father’s coffin, my coffin, my husband’s coffin and my brother’s.’ It has draped them for generations,” she said. “No one respects that flag more than I have. But I will respect the right to protest it, too.”