Sean Hannity is one of the most important people in Donald Trump’s universe so it’s interesting to note his behavior over the last couple of days. Thursday, Vanity Fair wrote, “This morning, Sean Hannity told friends the whistle-blower’s allegations are “really bad,” a person briefed on Hannity’s conversations told me. (Hannity did not respond to a request for comment).”

But on camera, Hannity continues to act like Trump’s cheerleader. A desperate cheerleader, grasping at straws to impress his numero uno. On his Fox News show Thursday night instead of talking about facts surrounding the impeachment, he instead promoted “President’s Trump Accomplishments.” The list included things like “ended war on coal” and “gutted Obama-era regulations.” You know, regulations like the ones that helped the planet. Also on the list, “border wall Construction underway” and “created commission on opioid addiction.” Not that he was successful in lowering opioid addiction rates, just that he created a commission.

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