All eyes are on Georgia as both of the state’s Senate races head into a runoff, but it looks like one candidate doesn’t want to share the stage with his competitor again. The New Yorker’s Charles Bethea reports:

Republican Senator David Perdue has declined an invitation to participate in another debate with Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff. This debate was proposed for December 6, a month before the two Georgia run-offs that will determine control of the U.S. Senate.

This is the viral clip Bethea is referencing.

After news broke that Perdue is refusing to debate Ossoff this time around, the Democrat responded on Twitter Sunday, writing:

Looks like Sen. David Perdue is too much of a coward to debate me again. Perdue canā€™t defend his lies about COVID-19, self-dealing stock trades, his bigotry, or his votes to take away Georgiansā€™ health care. Senator, come on out and try to defend your record. Iā€™m ready to go.