Another candidate is bowing out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) is bowing out after entering the race late and failing to gain traction. He will instead run for re-election to the House.

While the 40-year-old isn’t endorsing any specific candidate, The Washington Post reports Moulton told them, “I think Vice President Biden would make a fantastic president. He’s a mentor and a friend, and I’ve been impressed by the campaign he has run so far.”

And in the New York Times he added:

“I think it’s evident that this is now a three-way race between Biden, Warren and Sanders, and really it’s a debate about how far left the party should go.” 

Moulton told NBC News:

“I will continue to fight for a new generation of leadership in our party and our country… And most of all, I will be campaigning my ass off for whoever wins our nomination in 2020.”