The House’s top Republican, Kevin McCarthy, has decided on his choices for the GOP members of the select committee investigating the January 6 Insurrection. McCarthy’s choices are Indiana’s Jim Banks, who will be the ranking Republican; Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, one of former president Trump’s fiercest defenders; Texas Rep. Troy Nehls, Rodney Davis of Illinois and Rep. Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota.

Banks, Jordan and Nehls all voted to overturn the presidential election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania, part of the Big Lie spread by Trump after his election loss that eventually led to the Capitol riot. Banks and Jordan even signed on to the lawsuit filed by Texas’ attorney general seeking to invalidate the votes in four battleground states. The Supreme Court tossed that case in short order.

All five picks, it should be noted, are white men. However, there will be a female Republican on the select committee: Liz Cheney, who was chosen by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As CNN’s Jim Acosta said Monday afternoon once the news broke, the selection of the combative Jordan to the committee seems designed to create made-for-Fox News-controversy. “Looking at these names, they’re instantly going to zero in on Jim Jordan because as you and I both know, if Republicans are looking for this process to be turned into a food fight, look no further than Jim Jordan,” Acosta said.

Pelosi still has to approve McCarthy’s picks, and the House resolution that created the committee gives her veto power. When asked before if she would allow Republicans who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s election victory, Pelosi simply answered, “We’ll see who they nominate.” Pelosi’s office told CNN she is in the process of reviewing the picks.

The select committee is expected to hold its first hearing next week. Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson of Mississippi is the chairman.