This might have been a good week for the new White House press secretary to hold a briefing. Then again last week would have been good too. Instead, Stephanie Grisham remains silent. It’s hard to call yourself a press secretary when you aren’t interacting with the press. Grisham has been on the job for 26 days, but the only time we’ve heard from her is in a handful of polarizing tweets like this one.

She is asking Democrats a question there, but perhaps she forgot she is the one that is supposed to take questions.

Sarah Sanders last held a briefing on March 11. That was 138 days ago. It looks like Grisham is following in her footsteps and then some. One Twitter user had an interesting theory:

We taxpayers give @PressSec $179,700/yr to not do her job. Maybe she’s avoiding lying to the press (unlike her predecessor @SHSanders45) by never talking to them?

Politico has another idea saying:

Grisham is operating under a basic principle as President Donald Trump’s new chief spokesperson and communications director: Let Trump soak up all the media oxygen.

She has not appeared on Fox News, the president’s favorite channel, or taken reporters’ questions in a gaggle from the White House driveway.

Perhaps this isn’t the job for Grisham, or maybe for anyone.

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