If your boss called your spouse a loser & a husband from hell you’d probably either walk out the door or file a complaint with human resources. So what’s Kellyanne Conway doing when she sees and hears the things Donald Trump says about her husband. She sure isn’t coming to her husband’s defense.

When we posted Monday about the escalating war of words because George Conway and Trump, many readers commented they believed this was all an act. With one person writing, “I imagine it is a huge joke to them and they both laugh their way to the bank at our expense.”

We have to believe it’s not an act though, if for no other reason than the couple’s four children. The kids are all under the age of 15, but certainly, have friends who may hear or read that the president called their dad a loser.

Jonathan Lemire, White House reporter for the AP, points out:

Trump aides have, for weeks, encouraged the president to ignore George Conway. Those efforts proved unsuccessful.

Now it looks like Kellyanne is taking sides and it may or may not surprise you to know her support is not with the father of her children.