We’re tired.  Not just us but we hear it from you all the time.  The Trump presidency is exhausting.   We never thought covering a politician would be this exhausting, but this is our bed and we made it. We, collectively the press, have been suckered into a spin cycle from which there is no escape. Unfortunately we seem to have no choice but to report every utterance by Donald Trump.  Before Twitter, every lame notion, thought or idea from a politician might be lost to history because he or she would be occupied by a new thought, like what’s for lunch?

Instead we are consumed by what Axios calls a “formulaic trap” that news organizations continue to fall for. The cycle of tweet-rage-rest-repeat is suddenly our American Life. It’s become in some ways like the slightly crazy uncle who tells inappropriate jokes. You know they’re coming, you wince but dismiss them. Unlike the uncivilized uncle, this is President of the United States. And it could get worse as Trump shakes up his cabinet and brings in more like minds to feed the tweet machine.