Washington is a town chock full of symbols. Monument, museums, historical artifacts are everywhere. But at the end of the this presidency, a sickening symbol has come to represent the end of Trump.

American troops are now stationed in the Capitol, not for the ceremonial transition of power, but to protect the building and those who work there from violent Trump supporters and their enablers in the Republican Party.

Up to 15,000 National Guard troops are now protecting government buildings. It’s something we’ve seen covering revolutions all over the world. But we never thought we’d see it here, much less in the greatest symbol of our democracy, the Capitol.

Washington itself is now a fortress. Much of the city is cordoned off, fenced up, or closed down. It is a time that is normally reserved for celebration. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn into office in a Capitol that resembles an armed encampment.

All this because of a great lie. Trump insists the election was rigged and he’s bringing along his supporters for this fantasy ride.

This post contains analysis and opinion.