Wasn’t the new White House Chief of Staff supposed to put an end to all the crazy Trump tweets?  It’s not happening General Kelly, and in fact, it’s getting worse by the week!  On an otherwise uneventful Sunday, Trump took to his phone beginning at 6am to say the reputation of America’s elite law enforcement agency, the FBI, was in “tatters, worst in history!”  

The slam was directed at James Comey, whom Trump fired earlier this year but still likes to verbally harass.  The President also called his former FBI director “a liar.”  Despite the fact that Trump has long said there was nothing to the Russia story, every time another shoe drops, as was the case in the Flynn plea last week, the tweet storms begin anew.

As for the White House Chief of Staff, there are reports that Trump has begun circumventing John Kelly’s efforts to control communications.  Trump has been “secretly calling staffers” from the residence to give them assignments and saving his tweets for after hours.

Earlier, Senator Dianne Feinstein said the ongoing Senate investigation was pointing toward obstruction of justice by Trump.  Tweets on that, perhaps, soon to come.

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