What does it say when the talk from the White House is not about policy or leadership but lawyers, lots of lawyers?  What does it say when you have to turn to a Fox News personality for legal help?  One year in and we have a president that not only has a team of lawyers but enough legal defense to start a small firm.  And apparently, it’s not enough because he’s hiring another attorney, and may fire one too.

The New York Times confirmed that Trump has hired Joseph diGenova, a longtime Washington legal hand, certified Clinton-hater and attack dog.  Mr. diGenova has also touted conspiracy theories on Fox News, where he’s an analyst, that claim the F.B.I. and the Justice Department manufactured evidence against Trump.

Just a few days ago Trump slammed the Times for reporting that he was hiring another lawyer.

Mike Allen of Axios writes:

“This is another example of the president responding to televised cues. Trump has spent most of his adult life in litigation and obsesses about legal positioning in the same way that he is consumed by his press coverage.”

As for those lawyers thinking of jumping ship, the Times reports, “John Dowd (Trump’s lead attorney), has contemplated leaving his post because he has concluded that he has no control over the behavior of the president, the two people briefed on the matter said.

Ignoring his lawyers’ advice, Mr. Trump has reverted to a more aggressive strategy of publicly assailing the inquiry that he initially adopted in the weeks immediately after the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, was appointed. Now the president has begun attacking Mr. Mueller himself.”  Dowd told the Times he has no plans to leave.