Now with just 11 days until the election, Donald Trump insists his missing-in-action healthcare plan will be revealed soon.

During his upcoming 60 Minutes interview, Lesley Stahl had this exchange with the president:

Stahl: “Why didn’t you develop a healthcare plan?”

Trump: “It is developed, it’s fully developed. It’s going to be announced very soon. We will come up with a plan…”

Stahl: “Will?”

Trump: “Yeah we will.”

So which is it, does he have a “developed” plan? Or he “will” have a plan.

The Lincoln Project put together clips showing Trump has teased a plan going all the way back to January 2017. For those keeping track, that was 33 months ago.

In context, it’s amazing to see how many times Trump has lied about a health care plan. He did it once again last night during the debate as well when he said:

“So I’d like to terminate Obamacare, come up with a brand-new, beautiful health care.” 

The Washington Post writes that:

It is a promise that Trump has made 18 times over the past three years.