In what would appear to be a gift to Democrats, ex-president Trump has released a statement on Wednesday saying Republicans won’t vote in 2022 or 2024 unless the GOP makes “Presidential Election Fraud” its top priority.

This could be an absolute nightmare scenario for the GOP, and one reason some in the party are privately worried about full-throated support of the former president. Trump’s claims of fraud in Georgia are a big reason the GOP lost the Senate in 2020.

Trump released the statement after a Georgia judge dismissed a 2020 ballot inspection case because no fraud was found. The Washington Post writes:

Robb Pitts, chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, welcomed the decision, describing it as “a win for democracy.”

“This lawsuit was the result of the Big Lie, which is nothing more than a meritless conspiracy theory being spread by people who simply cannot accept that their side lost,” Pitts said in a statement. “Its defeat here today should echo throughout the nation.”