After negotiations broke down between the White House and Congressional Democrats over extending coronavirus relief funds, Donald Trump has stepped in. The president has signed a series of executive orders that may have limited impact. The Washington Post writes:

One of the executive orders would aim to provide $400 in weekly unemployment aid for millions of Americans whose $600 in weekly benefits expired last month. But some of this money would be required to be paid by states, many of which are already dealing with major budget shortfalls and have pleaded with Congress for more aid.

The other measures have to do with eviction protections, student loan relief and payroll tax suspension for families making less than $100,000 a year. Politico writes:

It’s unclear where Trump will get the money to pay for the actions and whether they will face legal challenges. The president’s decision to do an end run around Congress underscores the deep tensions between Democratic leaders and the White House as the United States has failed to tame the coronavirus pandemic, leading to a surge in cases and economic devastation just months before the presidential election.

NBC News writes that Democrats have promised to fight Trump’s move in court.

Democrats promised last week to file a legal challenge if Trump acted through executive order to circumvent Congress, which has the constitutional authority to determine federal spending.