Donald Trump doubled down on educators with guns, adding to s*** storm he’s already created about the issue by saying he now thinks a little extra money for teachers who pack heat will do the trick.

Teachers seem to agree this is a really stupid idea.  Katie Murray/NYC Teacher to The Daily Beast:

The idea of having a gun in my classroom or any of my coworkers’ classrooms makes me sick. It’s incredibly irresponsible and frankly it’s insane. In 2017 there were over 2,000 accidental shootings. I can only imagine what that number would be if guns were allowed in schools. Like I said, I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation in 2018.

The National Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association have both said arming teachers is a terrible idea.  Teachers on Twitter seem to agree.

Teachers, who are already buying supplies for their students can’t fathom the money it would take to arm an army of teachers.

“We’re constantly told there are no resources for — you name it — another school band, another school program, school arts funding, but wait a minute, there’s suddenly funding to put weapons of war into the hands of teachers? I think it’s insanity.” Dan Montgomery, president Illinois Federation of Teachers to The Chicago Tribune.