On July 19, Donald Trump told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that a replacement for the Affordable Care Act would be introduced within two weeks. It would be less expensive and cover pre-existing conditions. Well, here we are two weeks later and no plan. The Washington Post writes:

Now, with the two weeks expiring Sunday, there is no evidence that the administration has designed a replacement for the 2010 health-care law. Instead, there is a sense of familiarity.

Repeatedly and starting before he took office, Trump has vowed that he is on the cusp of delivering a full-fledged plan to reshape the health-care system along conservative lines and replace the central domestic achievement of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Trump spent part of Sunday playing golf at his private club in northern Virginia.

The Post points out that it would be politically astute for Trump to present an alternative this close to an election but notes: “…senior Republican aides on Capitol Hill who are steeped in health care said they had little knowledge of any White House planning for a comprehensive replacement of the ACA.”