A New York City luxury hotel has trouble attracting guests? In the trendy SoHo area? What’s that about?


For the second time this year, Donald Trump’s name is about to be stripped from a hotel. First Toronto and now Trump SoHo in NYC. Seems business is big-league bad. Trump doesn’t own the hotel but the family name is doing him no favors in heavily democratic New York City.  Room rates have dropped.  A restaurant in the hotel has closed.  The owners have worked out a deal with Trump Jr. and Eric the younger to walk away from the property.  The owners will re-brand and go in another direction.  Here’s an account from The New York Times.

The Trump SoHo has had a sketchy past that attracted none other that Robert Mueller’s attention.  Vanity Fair reports on the characters who developed the place along with the questionable backers from Russia.