The backlash against the conservative media just got a lot more intense and, in this case, personal. Last night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was targeted at his home in Washington D.C. by members of Anti-Fascist group called “Smash Racism.” According to The Washington Post, protesters stood outside the house and chanted “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”

Carlson’s wife was in the house alone at the time and mistook the protest for a home invasion. From CNN:

According to a police report provided by the Metropolitan Police Department, Susan said “she heard loud banging and pounding on her front door.”When she went to investigate, she “saw a large group in front of her home. They had a bull horn and were chanting loudly. She retreated to a room in the rear of her home and summoned police.” There was an anarchy symbol spray painted on the driveway. “There were also signs left on the vehicles parked in the driveway as well as a sign left on the front door of the home.”

When the police arrived on the scene, they found about 20 protesters and numerous signs, which have been seized as evidence. So far, Twitter has suspended Smash Racism’s account and removed all problematic photos and videos of the incident. The Associated Press reports that law enforcement is investigating the incident as a “possible hate crime.”

“It wasn’t a protest. It was a threat,” Carlson told The Post. “They weren’t protesting anything specific that I had said. They weren’t asking me to change anything. They weren’t protesting a policy or advocating for legislation. … They were threatening me and my family and telling me to leave my own neighborhood in the city that I grew up in.”

Media personalities on both sides of the political aisle were quick to condemn the protest. “Fighting Tucker Carlson’s ideas is an American right. Targeting his home and terrorizing his family is an act of monstrous cowardice,” Stephen Colbert tweeted. “Obviously don’t do this, but also, take no pleasure in it happening. Feeding monsters just makes more monsters.”

CNN host SE Cupp wrote. ” This is not OK, by the political left, the political right or the deranged. Don’t do this.”