We learned this afternoon that it was a science teacher who tackled the latest school gunman.  The Associated Press is reporting the middle school teacher was then able to knock the weapon away, but not before being shot three times.  The teacher is Jason Seaman, a former college football player who is 6’6″.

The assailant is reported to be a student who fired 16 shots in all, wounding Seaman and another student.  According to Time, the school has 1300 students from grades 6-8.  The gunman is in custody.

Vox is reporting that there have been more school shootings deaths already in 2018 than in all of last year.

  • In all of 2017, there were 44 shootings in elementary and secondary schools, resulting in 25 deaths and 60 injuries.
  • So far in 2018, there have been 28 elementary and secondary school shootings, resulting in 40 deaths and 66 injuries. With the year not even halfway over, 2018 already has more injuries and deaths than all of 2017 and appears to be on track to outpace 2017 in terms of overall incidents.