A Boeing 737-800 crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran International Airport in Iran early Wednesday morning. All 176 people on board the Ukrainian airplane were killed. Initially, Iran State TV reported it was a mechanical issue, but that was retracted as the Ukranian Government said it is too early to know what caused the plane to go down. Terrorism is not being ruled out.

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) released a statement saying “flight PS752 from Tehran to Kyiv disappeared from the radars a few minutes after departure.” That came after a one-hour flight delay. We also know there were no distress calls made from the cockpit. NBC News reports:

According to Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko, 82 people on board were Iranian, 63 Canadian, and 11 Ukrainian, including nine crew members. Ten were from Sweden, four from Afghanistan, three from Germany and three from the United Kingdom.

Prystaiko later said he had spoken with his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif, and they agreed to coordinate investigation groups to determine the cause of the crash.

For now, UIA has suspended flights to Tehran until further notice.

The timing of this crash is also raising suspicion, as it came just hours after Iran launched missiles at U.S. facilities in Iraq. CNN is reporting that several airlines won’t fly over Iranian or Iraqi airspace for the near future, until we have more information.


The airline reports that this plane, built in 2016, had it’s last scheduled maintenance on Monday.

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