Coronavirus has claimed the lives of four members of the same New Jersey family. Three others in the family have also tested positive. Two of them are in critical condition, one on life support. writes:

First Rita-Fusco Jackson, 55, of Freehold, died last week, later testing positive for COVID-19. The eldest of 11 children, she was the state’s second fatality in the pandemic.

Then her brother, Carmine Fusco, of Bath, Pennsylvania, died Wednesday morning. Then her mother, Grace Fusco, 73, of Freehold, died Wednesday night.

And another brother, Vincent Fusco, 53, of Manalapan, died Thursday.

NBC News adds:

One of Fusco-Jackson’s nieces, Gabby Cartagena, who goes by Gabba Gunga on Facebook, of Howell, New Jersey, registered her shock and grief in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“My mom is one of 11, last Thursday I went to sleep having 10 aunts and uncles! Friday I woke up and found out I only had 9. Just a few minutes ago I found out I only have 8,” she wrote. “Please hold your love ones close and cherish every second and minute you have together.”

It’s believed most of those that tested positive were all at the same family gathering earlier this month. 19 other members of the family were tested for the virus last Saturday as well, but still don’t have their results. Now the family is raising questions about why the results are taking so long. CNN’s Chris Cuomo talked to a couple of the family members, including one woman who lost her mother, two brothers, and a sister. It’s heartbreaking to hear their story, but important.