The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is getting almost universal praised for the way he is handling the coronavirus crisis. Many people are saying that other leaders should be modeling their response after Cuomo’s.

And Cuomo isn’t afraid to take responsibility for his actions. Today he remarked, “My judgment is do whatever’s necessary to contain this virus, and then we will manage the consequences afterwards. The old expression the buck stops on my desk? The buck stops on my desk.”

The New York Times writes:

Mr. Cuomo has emerged as the executive best suited for the coronavirus crisis, as President Trump flails and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wrestles haltingly with a crucial decision and then heads to the gym.

The governor has been the clearest and most decisive of the three, relentless behind the scenes and open about the risks. He has publicly worried over his daughters and his 88-year-old mother, and put state prisoners to work making hand sanitizer. He’s alternated between sweetness and confrontation with Mr. Trump, as he would with a wayward upstate legislator.

Even many of his critics say the very qualities that make him abrasive in ordinary interactions are serving him well now.

Donald Trump has been criticizing Cuomo on Twitter, but even he seemed to change his tune on him today.