The Michigan State House, with a Republican majority, refused to extend Michigan’s coronavirus emergency declaration. The Associated Press says they also “voted to authorize a lawsuit challenging Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s authority and actions to combat the pandemic.” This vote came as a tense situation erupted at the capitol. Protestors, some armed with guns, tried to storm their way into the House chamber.

NBC News reports, “Like the ‘Operation Gridlock’ demonstration on April 15 over Whitmer’s stay-at-home order, many demonstrators appeared to be supporters of President Donald Trump, donning ‘Make American Great Again’ campaign hats.” Most protestors were not wearing masks and the crowds weren’t social distancing.

The Detroit Free Press points out, “Overall, the rally was considerably smaller than an April 15 event that drew thousands to the Capitol to protest Gov. GretchenWhitmer’s stay-at-home order, which is currently scheduled to run through May 15.”

ABC News adds:

Michigan State Police representative Lt. Brian Oleksy told ABC News that there were between 400 and 700 people at Thursday’s rally. No summonses were issued however two people were arrested for allegedly getting into a fight between themselves, according to Olesky.

Watch more from the NBC affiliate in Detroit above.