Donald Trump could have left the “Tim Apple” slip of the tongue alone, but by lying about what he actually said it became a great punchline to parody. CNN reporter Jeanne Moos found it actually isn’t the first time Trump has combined a CEO’s name with the company they helm.

Late Night host Seth Meyers also poked fun at Trump’s attempt to explain the name snafu:

Incredibly, Trump woke up¬†this morning and doubled down¬†again. This time with an entirely new¬†story. He claimed he combined Tim Cook’s name and his¬†company’s name because it was¬†faster.¬†

Only¬†Trump could claim¬†that he was trying to save time¬†and words by writing a long¬†tweet that takes up time and¬†words. You know if you really wanted to¬†save time and words, you could¬†just not talk at all. Do all your campaign rallies¬†with duct tape over your mouth,¬†or at least skip a bunch of¬†words… Of¬†course, the best part of all¬†of this is that Trump now has to¬†double down, and do it to¬†everyone. “Oh, there’s my friend Elon Tesla. Oh, if it isn’t Steven Movies. And there’s my buddy, Paul Crimes.”

Watch more of what Meyers said above.