Donald Trump could have left the “Tim Apple” slip of the tongue alone, but by lying about what he actually said it became a great punchline to parody. CNN reporter Jeanne Moos found it actually isn’t the first time Trump has combined a CEO’s name with the company they helm.

Late Night host Seth Meyers also poked fun at Trump’s attempt to explain the name snafu:

Incredibly, Trump woke up this morning and doubled down again. This time with an entirely new story. He claimed he combined Tim Cook’s name and his company’s name because it was faster. 

Only Trump could claim that he was trying to save time and words by writing a long tweet that takes up time and words. You know if you really wanted to save time and words, you could just not talk at all. Do all your campaign rallies with duct tape over your mouth, or at least skip a bunch of words… Of course, the best part of all of this is that Trump now has to double down, and do it to everyone. “Oh, there’s my friend Elon Tesla. Oh, if it isn’t Steven Movies. And there’s my buddy, Paul Crimes.”

Watch more of what Meyers said above.