Louis DeJoy is suddenly finding himself at the center of multiple investigations, not only for his alleged mismanagement of the post office but now for pressuring employees to donate to GOP campaigns, only to later be reimbursed through his company in “bonuses.” That report from the Washington Post put the already controversial postmaster general under more scrutiny. Now DeJoy is facing investigations in North Carolina and from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. The Washington Post reports:

(Rep. Carolyn) Maloney said DeJoy faces “criminal exposure” not only if the allegations are true, “but also for lying to our committee under oath.”

Maloney was referring to DeJoy’s testimony to the House Oversight panel last month, when he forcefully denied that he had repaid executives for contributions to President Trump’s campaign.

Senator Elizabeth Warren adds: We know the Postmaster General is sabotaging the @USPS. And now we’ve learned that he may have broken federal and state campaign finance laws. Louis DeJoy must resign – and if he won’t, the Board of Governors should use their power to remove him.

Donald Trump isn’t exactly providing a lot of support for DeJoy either. When asked about whether he should lose his job over the allegations, the president said: “Yes, if something can be proven, always.” He also said he would support an investigation.

Former federal prosecutor Paul Butler told MSNBC federal and state campaign finance laws may have been broken. Watch above for what else he said about potential charges.