The Grand Princess cruise ship is expected to dock soon, allowing passengers off the ship and into quarantine on dry land. It’s a process that is expected to take a few days (watch more from CBS This Morning above). USA Today writes:

Fences were being installed at an 11-acre site at the Port of Oakland, as authorities readied flights and buses to whisk the more than 2,000 passengers aboard the Grand Princess to military bases or their home countries for a 14-day quarantine. Including crew members, there are more than 3,500 on the ship hailing from 54 countries.

The ship has 2,421 passengers and 1,113 crew members. Crew members will remain on the ship if they do not need immediate medical attention.

We know that 21 people on board tested positive for coronavirus, but that was only out of the 46 that were tested. That number is expected to increase as more people are tested.

Meanwhile, this comes as the U.S. State Department issued a huge blow to the cruise industry, warn people not to travel by cruise ship.