“I’m Joe Biden, and I’m a car guy.”

That is how President Biden introduced himself to the workers inside the Ford River Rouge Electric Vehicle plant in Dearborn, Michigan, where the automaker is building a hybrid version of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck. The visit to the key battleground state was designed to pitch the American Jobs Plan and rally public support for the President’s $4 trillion infrastructure proposals, which includes $174 billion for building electric cars.

According to the White House, Biden wants to see substantial progress made by Congress on the infrastructure proposal by the Memorial Day weekend.

During his remarks, he touted his plans to restore the middle class and declared his support for unions and the ability for workers to be able to collectively bargain. He also reminded people how as Vice-President, he and President Obama championed saving the U.S. auto industry despite much skepticism. “We bet on you, the American autoworker,” he said.

Biden also leveled harsh criticism at the Trump administration’s rollback of vehicle emissions and efficiency standards, calling it “shortsighted.” He also mocked the frequent Infrastructure Week announcements the Trump White House made, which never really amounted to much.

Being the car aficionado he is, Mr. Biden also managed to get in an early test drive of the F-150 Lightning hybrid, which Ford plans to debut next year. Watch the video above (via Washington Post) to see what he thought of the new ride.