Political commentator Bill Maher says he has hesitated to say Donald Trump should be thrown out of office until now. The comedian spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and questioned the damage Trump has done to the country (and will continue to do), even comparing him to a dictator.

I’ve been using the word treason and traitor for the whole time he’s been in office and every guest I’ve had one the show has been saying I was an alarmist and overstating the case. I don’t hear that anymore. I hear that a lot more.”

“I wasn’t necessarily for impeachment until recently but I think you have to go ahead and do it. But if you don’t do it with him, where is the bar? And what sort of damage is he going to do for the next two years he is there in this office?

I think the question for everybody is who’s side are you on? Are you on the FBI’s side? He’s got republicans attacking the FBI and all our institutions.

Are you with Trump, this one man, this one sick man? Or are you with the FBI? Are you with the rule of law? Are you with Donald Trump? Are you with judges, are you with everything we have basically built our country on? Or are you going to throw it away for this one guy?

I want to know what the Republicans, those enablers, the Lindsey Grahams are thinking? Why are you lying to cover up for this guy and you don’t even know what you’re lying to cover up? 

Watch the full interview above.