Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the retired pilot who gained fame after the incident that became known as the “Miracle on the Hudson” in 2009 is voicing his concerns about Donald Trump in a new ad. The retired Air Force fighter pilot has teamed up with the group Vote Vets and The Lincoln Project for the video, in which he says:

“From my service as an Air Force officer and a fighter pilot, I knew that serving a cause greater than one’s self is the highest calling. And it’s in that highest calling of leadership that Donald Trump has failed us so miserably. Now it’s up to us, to overcome his attacks on our very democracy. Knowing nearly a quarter-million Americans won’t have a voice, casualties of his lethal lies and incompetence.”

The Lincoln Project producers says they made a $200,000 ad buy to run the video on cable news today leading up to the first debate. Watch the full ad above.