Cardi B is known for her song “I like it” and today it looks like she can add Bernie Sanders to the list of things she likes. The singer sat down with the Senator in a nail salon in Detroit to interview him remarking, “Let’s feel the Bern.” She says she reached out to her followers on social media to ask about issues that concern them. The singer says she wanted to do this because “We have this bully as a president” and “I don’t think people realize how serious this is.” In the video, paid for by Sanders campaign, the pair talked about police brutality, immigration, health insurance, free education, socialism, the minimum wage and more. Sanders remarked, “Cardi B’s nails are juuuust a little different than mine. Our views on the issues are pretty similar.”

The goal of the video was aimed at getting young people involved in the political process. Watch the interview above.