China worked fast to build a new hospital in Wuhan to house, and contain, those suffering from Coronavirus. Workers built a 100-bed facility in just 10 days, thanks mostly to using prefabricated units. NBC News writes:

Construction of the hospital began on Jan. 24 with a crew of 7,000 people working around the clock. Live video of the construction site was carried by Chinese state media and showed the sheer scale and speed of the project.

A second dedicated hospital with 1,300 beds is also expected to be ready later this week.

New York Times adds:

Wuhan, a city of 11 million, has been eerily quiet since the authorities locked it down, preventing residents from leaving and severely limiting public transportation and private cars. But the roads around the hospital building site were packed with cement mixers, trucks and other construction vehicles.

Many migrant workers and suppliers of materials were roped in to build the complex. Workplace safety precautions included temperature checks to try to detect signs of coronavirus infections.

The hospital began accepting patients on Monday.