In Fort Worth a woman who was reportedly playing video games with her nephew, was shot in her own home over the weekend by a police officer. ABC writes:

A white police officer responding to a call early Saturday for a welfare check at a home in Fort Worth, Texas, fired a shot into a bedroom window, striking and killing a 28-year-old black woman who a neighbor said was not a threat.

A neighbor had called the police to check on the woman’s apartment after noticing her door was open. The Dallas Morning News talked to Lt. Brandon O’Neil, a Fort Worth police spokesman:

The officer who shot Jefferson did not announce himself as a police officer before firing through a bedroom window, O’Neil said.

That officer will be interviewed Monday and another news conference will be conducted later that day, he said.

“What the officer observed and why he did not announce police will be addressed as the investigation continues,” O’Neil said.

Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, a former Texas congressman said, “Atatiana Jefferson was killed in her own bedroom by a police officer while she was playing with her nephew. As we mourn with Atatiana’s loved ones, we must demand accountability and promise to fight until no family has to face a tragedy like this again.”

People are instantly drawing comparisons between what happened to Jefferson and the murder of Botham Jean, also in Texas in 2018.

The CBS affiliate in Dallas spoke with Jefferson’s dad, watch above.