Devastating details continue to come out of Abaco and Grand Bahamas. As people desperately look for a way off the islands, others continue the search for victims. While the official death toll stands at 30, The Miami Herald writes:

As the government of the Bahamas scrambled to help the living on Thursday, it was still a long way from accounting for the dead. As of Thursday night, the official death toll in the Bahamas had risen to at least 30, but many residents are convinced The Mudd has become something of a common grave.

One resident added: “Nobody knows how many dead people there are because no one has started looking there… But they’re out there, in the water, under the houses.”

Health Minister Duane Sands says he believes the death toll will be “staggering” saying, “The public needs to prepare for unimaginable information about the death toll and the human suffering,” 

NBC’s Morgan Chesky has more above.