With just one week to go until the election, Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is invoking some strong opinions from the Democratic side of the aisle. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer didn’t mince words, calling it “one of the darkest days.”

Democrats are using Barrett’s confirmation to the high court to remind people how important their vote is this year. Joe Biden released a statement, that read in part:

This goal — the goal of the Republican Party for ten years — was a litmus test in selecting this nominee, regardless of the damage done to the U.S. Senate, to Americans’ faith in the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, and to our democracy, and regardless of how the Affordable Care Act has protected hundreds of millions of people before and during the pandemic….

Vote to protect the fundamental idea that health care is a right, not a privilege.

And vote for the legacy of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was proof that courage, conviction, and moral clarity can change not just the law, but also the world. Let us continue to be voices for justice in her name.

And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi adds, “Americans must continue to make their voices heard in the election.  Congress will have to reverse the damage of a radical Republican court and defend pre-existing condition protections together with every other benefit and protection of the Affordable Care Act.”

Watch more of what Pelosi told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes above.