The Democratic-led House passed through a Republican-backed border funding bill Thursday and it’s left many Democrats fuming. In a vote of 305 to 102, the New York Times calls this, “a striking defeat for Pelosi” writing:

Congress sent President Trump a $4.6 billion humanitarian aid package on Thursday after Speaker Nancy Pelosi capitulated to Republicans and Democratic moderates and dropped her insistence on stronger protections for migrant children in overcrowded border shelters.

Here’s is some of the reaction.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN): What we did today is continue to allow the atrocity to take place… We’ve sent money that we don’t know if it’s going to continue to be used to put proper beds, to buy toothpaste, to assist these children in any kind of way.

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA): Today I voted NO on Mitch McConnell’s border bill. The bill was a rush job that reflects the worst of Washington – exactly what I ran against. I would rather have worked a long weekend and drafted a bill that actually keeps kids safe and reflects our values.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA): I voted no on the Senate bill. Standing up for human rights requires more than providing money. We gave the Administration $40 million more than they asked in 2019 for supplies. But they still deprived children of diapers & soap. We need a law that clearly outlaws the abuses.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasi-Cortez (D-NY): That’s an abdication of power we should refuse to accept. They will keep hurting kids if we do… We are a House majority and we need to act like it.

CNN’s Jake Tapper interview AOC about her vote. Watch above.

Rep. Rashisa Tlaib (D-MI): We won’t forget in #2020. The bill that the Senate passed (with Dem support!!) does not treat this as a humanitarian crisis, but instead writes a blank check to the very administration that caused this crisis.