Mark this week down.  It will be one of the pivotal weeks in the Trump presidency (or the downfall of the Trump presidency.)  The news from BuzzFeed that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress may be one of the most damning accusations yet in regards to this president or any president in American history.

“President Donald Trump directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter.” – BuzzFeed News

No other media outlet has confirmed the BuzzFeed story, but the reporters who wrote it, Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier, say their information is based on two sources (watch what Cormier said about his reporting above). There is no reason at this point to believe their reporting isn’t solid. Both are well respected journalists.

The crime of telling someone to lie to Congress would be a felony.  Adam Schiff is the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Joaquin Castro is a Democratic U.S. Representative from Texas.

Members of the GOP party and the White House are rather quiet on the report.