Donald Trump cut short his Rose Garden news conference today after two reporters stood up to him. It happened after CBS’s Weijia Jiang asked the president why it seemed like he was declaring victory over other countries when it comes to coronavirus.

CNN’s Brian Stelter said: “What we saw in that exchange with Weijia Jiang was something that has racial overtones. It’s racist to look at an Asian-American @WhiteHouse correspondent and say ‘Ask China.'”

During the exchange, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was set to ask the next question but yielded to Jiang for a follow-up. That’s when Trump abruptly ended the news conference.

Earlier, a reporter with The Washington Post asked Trump if he would name the crime he accused former president Barack Obama of committing.  Over the weekend Trump had tweeted that Obama had committed the worst crime in U.S. political history.  Turns out it was another conspiracy theory pushed by Fox News.

Vox writes: “You might be wondering why this even came up during a press conference about coronavirus testing. The answer appears to be that with the US leading the world in deaths and the number of new cases in the country not yet showing a strong downward trend, Trump believes fresh conspiracy-mongering about Obama is politically useful for him — even if there is no basis for them.

“The rest of the press conference proved the point: After repeating misinformation about testing and the state of coronavirus cases, he abruptly ended the event and huffed off the stage when two female reporters asked him pointed questions.”