Donald Trump apparently thinks if he says something shady out loud, it absolves him of wrongdoing. But he’s absolutely incorrect. Today, on the White House south lawn he asked China to investigate Joe Biden and it sure seemed like he made it clear he has something to hold over the country’s head.

And he’s brazenly still urging Ukraine to investigate Biden as well.

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff reacted saying, “A President of the United States encouraging a foreign nation to interfere again to help his campaign by investigating a rival is a fundamental breach of the President’s oath of office.”

MSNBC’s Sam Stein remarked, “Just to be clear, Trump is currently, this morning, calling on foreign leaders to investigate Biden in the midst of an impeachment proceeding about whether he has encouraged foreign leaders to investigate Biden.”

CNN’s Daniel Dale adds, “If a whistleblower had come forward to say Trump had privately told Xi he should launch an investigation into the Bidens, it’d be a huge story. That’s what Trump just did publicly.”

And Trump sure gave Congress more damning material to add to their inquiry.

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