There are questions about Donald Trump’s costly Super Bowl party and about his behavior during at least part of the festivities. The Miami Herald writes:

During the national anthem at his own Super Bowl watch party Sunday night, a brief video posted to Instagram shows Trump greeting guests, adjusting his chair, and straightening his suit jacket as other attendees — including first lady Melania Trump and their teenage son — stand with their hands over their hearts. As “The Star Spangled Banner” crescendoes, Trump raises both of his hands in the air, and twirls them around as if conducting the music.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid says, “Trump, who savaged NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police shootings of black Americans and led furious right wing condemnation of them, mocking the National Anthem. Don’t hold your breath for conservative outrage.”

As for who paid for the party where this occurred, Huffington Post writes:

Taxpayers shelled out another $3.4 million to send President Donald Trump to Florida this weekend so he could host a Super Bowl party for paying guests at his for-profit golf course.

The president’s official schedule shows him spending two and a half hours Sunday evening at a “Super Bowl LIV watch party” at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. Tickets sold for $75 each, but were only available to members of the club — the initiation fee for which reportedly runs about $450,000, with annual dues costing several thousands of dollars more.

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