White House briefings are a thing of the past and it’s probably a good thing. This administration has really only one spokesperson anyway.  Donald Trump talks a lot but here’s the deal, what he says is making less and less sense.  It’s  like a scene out of Gran Torino where Clint Eastwood rants on his lawn. Only in this case, it’s the President of the United States.

Here’s one of the moments that got Trump the most riled up today. NBC’s Peter Alexander asked him a question he didn’t like and he ended up saying NBC would be out of business in the next six years and that they are “NBC has less credibility than CNN.”

In one of the many self-serving moments, Trump insisted people who were shot in the recent El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, “loved me.”

In another bizarre moment, he looked up to the sky and said: “I am the chosen one.”  

He then tripled down on his anti-Semitic comments about Jewish people.

And when asked about the Danish Prime Minister he returned to a term he often uses for powerful women, calling her “nasty.”