Throughout the Democratic primary process, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s most significant competitor has been fellow progressive Senator Bernie Sanders. Now that Sanders is surging, you would think that would make him an even bigger rival. Why then has Warren’s strategy for the past week, one of the most important yet in this election season, been to attack Mike Bloomberg above all others? Not just that, she is prioritizing attacking him over other issues. And last night she borrowed a jab right out of Donald Trump’s playbook and made fun of Bloomberg’s height. After what appears to be a fourth-place finish in the Nevada Caucuses, this is how she began her speech:

“I want to talk specifically, for just a minute at the top, about a threat, that is coming our way, it’s a big threat, not a tall one, but a big one, Michael Bloomberg.”

This came just days after Warren accused Bloomberg of calling women “fat broads” and “horse face.” It makes it all the more difficult to justify her anti-name-calling when she disparages a person’s height.

Not only was this jab a low blow, but it prompts a big question.

Conservative Rick Wilson made this comment after last week’s debate and now it rings even truer. Warren and the other Democrats taking part in the South Carolina debate this week should be focusing on Sanders.

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