Despite disappointing showings in New Hampshire and Iowa, Senator Elizabeth Warren vows to continue her campaign saying, “We’re staying in this fight for the people who are counting on us.” Warren writes:

”A third of delegates aren’t decided until Super Tuesday. What we do now matters.”

The Washington Post adds:

“The campaign and its allies have signaled it is seeking to retool in several ways beyond the strengthened unity pitch: renewing outreach to minority voters, especially women; signaling that Warren will tell more personal stories on the stump; seeking to steadily win delegates even in states where she does not come in first.“

Warren admits though that money is limited saying:

Our campaign needs critical funds to reach voters and caucus-goers, so we’ve set an ambitious goal: $7 million before the Nevada caucuses.”

The Massachusetts Senator spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Wednesday night saying, “I think we’re in for a long nomination process.” Watch what else she said above.