Imagine your children being constantly threatened by gangs, ordered to sell drugs or else.  Imagine living in a place that has the highest murder rate in the world.  Kidnappings are common.  Extortion is a way of life.  You live in constant fear.  That is the daily reality for thousands of Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Nicaraguans.  Gang violence is out of control all over Central America.  Women and children are fleeing for their lives by the thousands and making the long trek, often by foot,  to the U.S. southern border.  The situation has been so horrific, the Obama administration was willing to grant amnesty to those who made it to America.  Donald Trump wants to change the immigration policy and quickly send these people back.  He says MS-13 is coming.  Perhaps some gang members do come to America, but all of those we found crossing the river were women and children, desperate for a chance to live, and to start over somewhere safe.