Donald Trump was reportedly pleased with the way Alex Acosta handled himself during his news conference yesterday. And why wouldn’t Trump be happy? The Labor Secretary took a page right out of Trump’s playbook when he refused to apologize, attempted to change history, and as many people connected to the case put it, he flat out lied, repeatedly. The Miami Herald reporter who brought the Jeffrey Epstein/Alex Acosta connection to the surface back in 2018, Julie K. Brown fact checks some of his claims in the video above.

Barry Krischer, one of the former state’s attornies that Acosta repeatedly tried to blame during the news conference  also said Acosta is trying “to rewrite history.” He released this statement.

The Daily Beast also had three former prosecutors break down Acosta’s excuses. The entire article is worth a read. They write, in part:

When Acosta’s statements are put up against the facts of this case, they are revealed as the self-serving and often nonsensical excuses of someone who utterly failed to do what he swore to do as U.S. attorney: uphold justice. Congress should now hold a hearing at which Acosta testifies under oath about these matters, so that the victims and all Americans can get answers about why Acosta gave Jeffrey Epstein special treatment.

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