The University of Alabama football team, along with their coach Nick Saban have released a video titled, “All Lives Can’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter.The extraordinary video was written by Alabama senior offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood. In it, Leatherwood writes:

We are team black, white, brown. Together, we are a family. We are brothers. We represent ourselves, our families, our hometowns, our university, and our country. We stand on the shoulders of giants, our grandparents, and parents, our ancestors our heroes, Alabama alumni, and former players who have changed the world beginning on our historic campus. We speak as one.

The video closes with this passage:

We believe the solutions to our challenges are within us. We choose to listen. We choose to hear and understand other’s perspectives. Let’s listen. Let’s unite. Because our lives can’t matter until Black lives matter…. Because all lives can’t matter until Black lives matter.”